EE3340TU Microwave Sensors and Radars for Airport Applications

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Topics: Radar sensors in Airports and in aviation related applications. Part of the Minor "Airport of the future"

EE3340TU Microwave Sensors and Radars for Airport Applications The course aims to provide students with a general understanding of the functional role and operational principles of the microwave systems and sensors including radars in the airport for surveillance, navigation, security, traffic control and weather observation. The students will implement the obtained knowledge about the sensor�s design and operation by doing laboratory practicum with real radar sensors and preparing technical report for selected topic as a final assignment.

Part of lectures are given by invited world-wide top level researches from academy and industry with a goal to provide to students the state of the art overview of the technology progress in avionics, air traffic control radars, weather radars, the research and industrial trends in radar sensors for airport applications.


  • Introduction: role of microwave sensors and radars for airport applications
  • Basic knowledge of microwaves, propagation and scattering
  • Microwave sensors and sensor systems;
  • Principles of radar operation
  • Sensors for air traffic monitoring and guidance
  • Navigation radars, synthetic aperture vision
  • Radar technology for airport area surveillance: intruder detection, tracking vehicles and persons
  • Microwave imaging for airport security: passenger and luggage screening
  • Radars for environment surveillance (weather, vertexes, birds)

Study Goals

  • Develop understanding of the role of microwave sensors in airports
  • Develop insight in the radar operation principles
  • Obtain knowledge about the microwave sensors and radars working for air traffic monitoring and guidance
  • Build understanding about the role of microwave systems in navigation
  • Get knowledge about the environment surveillance using microwave technology.


dr. Oleg Krasnov

Radar; polarimetry; signal processing; remote sensing

prof.dr. Alexander Yarovoy

microwave systems, radar Bert-Jan Kooij


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Credits: 4 EC
Period: 0/4/0/0 (not running)
Contact: Bert-Jan Kooij