MSc Gourova

PhD student
Microwave Sensing, Signals and Systems (MS3), Department of Microelectronics


Rossiza Gourova was born in Sofia, Bulgaria in 1990. She received her BSc in Telecommunications in 2013 from the Technical University of Sofia and her MSc degree in Electrical engineering, track Telecommunications and Sensing Systems in 2015 from Delft University of Technology. Her MSc thesis entitled �Theory and Practice of Waveforms for Compressive-Sensing Radar� was carried out in collaboration with Thales Netherlands.

After her graduation, Rossiza joined the Microwave Sensing, Signals and Systems group as a PhD candidate, working on the S4DRIVE project. She developed her interest in Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) during her final BSc project designing a Real-Time Passenger/Traveler Information System (RTPIS). Automotive radar is another application of ITS, which makes use of sensors to gather and distribute information, used to achieve efficiency, safety and sustainability on the road.

Last updated: 26 Dec 2018

Rossiza Gourova

  • Left in 2018