Social events

Events in 2013

  • December 31 - MS3 team wish wishes everyone the Happy 2014!

  • December 25 - Merry Christmas and happy Holidays!

  • December 19, Chrismas Drink for the group, Delft City Center
  • December 13- Seminar by Fok Bolderheij, Royal Dutch Navy
  • December 6- Seminar by Dario Petri on " A FMCW active radar network for airport security in the in indoor landside area” , EWI Timmanzaal , 13.00
  • December 5- Master thesis defence Sowmini Kadathanad, EWI, Dijkstraroom, 13.15
  • November 22- Seminar by Hao Lu, Erasmus Universiteit, EWI  Vassiliadiszaal, 10.00

  • November 15 - MS3 PhD afternnoon. Poster presentations and 1 minute pitch by our PhD students. Jugded by: Willem Hol (Thales) and Albert Huizing (TNO) It was a very interesting and succesful event. Yuan He won the prize for best poster combined with the pitch.
  • November 1 - Seminar by Nikita Petrov (MS3)  on " Wideband algorithms for migrating targets indication "
  • October 30- Master thesis defence Jason Mensingh
  • October 25- Seminars by Prof. Aimé Lay-Ekuakille from the University of Salento, Lecce, and Dr. Rosario Morello from the University Mediterranea of Reggio Calabria.On " Advances and New Features in Sensor Signal Processing"  (Prof. Aimé Lay-Ekuakille ) " Measurement Uncertainty and Decision Making"  (Dr. Rosario Morello), EWI , Snijderszaal, 13.30
  • October 15 - PhD defence Xiaohua Lian: ' Adaptive and Distributed Beamforming for Cognitive Radio ', Aula, 10.00
  • October 7-11; European Microwave week 2013 in Nuremberg. Shenario Ezhil of our group  won the EuMA student grant 2013
  • October 4- Seminar Nadia haider on ' Frequency-Tunable Antenna by Input-Impedance-Tunable CMOS RF-Frontend' and Yuan He on ' Self-similarity Analysis on Human Backscattering in Radar' , 11.00 EWI Vasiliadis
  • October 3- MS3 on television! In Klokhuis, ndl. 3 18.23, Fred van de Zwan will tell all about 'rainfall radars'(only in Dutch) <var>buGtirqoVgE</var>
  • September 27- Seminar Shenario Ezhil on ' A novel Circularly-Polarised Quad-Band Patch Antenna' , 13.00, EWI Elektron 
  • September 6 - Defense of Master thesis "Development of Processing Algorithms for the Detection and Estimation of Multi-Layered Structures of a Windfield with Polarimetric Doppler Weather Radar" by Boris Radeljić, 14.00, EWI Vassiliadis room (HB10.230)
  • September 6 -  MS3 Seminar: the presentation "Texture- based separation algorithm of echoes from walking people in UWB radar signals" by dr. Takuya Sakamoto, 10:00, EWI , Snijderzaal, LB 01.010
  • September 2-6 - Master Kick off Arnhem
  • July 12 - MS3 Seminar: the presentation "Bispectrum-Based Methods and Algorithms in Applications for Radar, Telecommunication Signal Processing and Digital Image Reconstruction" by Prof. Olexandr Totskiy, the National Aerospace University, Kharkiv, Ukraine - Dijkstraroom, 15:00 - 16:00
  • July 12 -Successful defense of the PhD thesis  "Antenna Array Signal Processing for Multistatic Radar Systems" by Francesco Belfiori, Stenaatszaal in the Aula Building at the Delft University of Technology,  at 10:00. Our congratulations, Dr. Belfiori!

Dr. Belfiori with Comission after defense

  • July 5 - MS3 Seminar:  "Space-time Radar Waveforms: Circulating Codes" by dr. Galina Babur and "Dynamics of Turbulence in Precipitation: Unravelling the Eddies" by Albert Oude Nijhuis, Snijderszaal (LB01.010) at 10:00 
  • July 4 - first group day out in a long time!  The visit to ESA/ESTEC, Space Expo and more... 
  • July 1 - Visit delegation of the National University of Defence Technology, China.
  • June 28 - MS3 Colloquium: Alexey Narykov on: "Algorithm for Resource Management of Multiple Phased Array Radars for Target Tracking" and Pavlo Molchanov "Classification of small UAVs and birds by micro‐Doppler signatures" , Lipkenszaal (LB 01.050), 13.00
  • June 21 - Guest seminar University of Ulm (Germany), by Wolfgang Wenzel and Christian Waldschmidt, 10.00-12.00, Boole Room.
    Wolfgang Menzel: Millimeter-Wave Sensors for Automotive and Industrial Applications
    This presentation gives an overview of radar antenna and sensor work performed at the Institute of Microwave Techniques at the University of Ulm. Topics are different antenna solutions and imaging radars based on a synthetic aperture by antenna switching at 24 GHz and 79 GHz. This work had originally been started for automotive applications, but has now found applications in industry (e.g. surface mining, mass transportation control), and first experiments have been conducted for runway safety on airports (debris detection). Finally, a number of results will be presented for high-resolution 2D and 3D imaging using stripmap and spotlight SAR techniques using the 24 GHz and 79 GHz sensors.
    Christian Waldschmidt: Automotive Radar Sensors – New Applications enabled by MMIC
    Automotive radar sensors are on the market for more than 10 years. But still automotive radar is a main driver for new trends and technologies. The presentation shows new concepts and technologies for automotive radar and shows which performance todays research sensors have. Besides addressing the well-known applications in the field of driver assistance, new rf-sensors for other automotive application domains are presented, amongst others a sensor for ethanol sensing and a simple integrated positioning sensor.
  • June 7- MS3 Colloquia: Inna Ivashko on: " Performance Analysis of Multisite Radar Systems" and Shenario Amaldoss on: "Reconfigurable Dual-Band Phased Array – A first of its kind", Timmanzaal, (LB. 01.170) , 14.30
  • May 31- Annual NARF( national antenna research framework) workshop. TU Delft, 10.30-16.00, Booleroom EWI building
  • May 30 - Measurement campaign: L-band distributed radar system vs plane (thanks to the pilot Eddy vd Heijde)
  • May 23 - Shravan Shirodkar started his research as PhD student in the framework of the D-box project. Welcome and success!
  • May 22 - Measurement campaign: L-band distributed radar system vs police helicopter Eurocopter EC135P2+ ...

Panoramic view from node 2 of distributed radar system

  • May 13-14 - the first UFO project's progress meeting in the DGAC/STAC facility of Bonneuil/Marne near Paris, France.

PSR and weather monitoring RADAR in Rouen, Thales, France (photo: Albert Oude Nijhuis)

  • May 9 - Ascention day: national holiday in the Netherlands.
  • May 2 - the mid-term presentation of the MSc project “Front-end Transmitter Design for a Space-time Radar Test-bed” has been successfully given by Sowmini Kadathanad.
  • May 2 - Pavlo Molchanov, the PhD student from the Department of Signal Processing, Tampere University of Technology, Tampere, Finland, started his internship in our section. Welcome and success!
  • April 30Koninginnedag (Queen's Day) - national holiday in the Netherlands until this year. In 2014 Kingsday will be celebrated on April 26th, after that on April 27th; the kings birthday.
  • April 25 – the mid-term presentation of the MSc project “Doppler radar signal processing algorithms for 2D-wind field monitoring by weather channel of ATC primary surveillance radar” has been successfully given by Boris Radeljić-Jakić
  • April 24 – The kick-off meeting of the STW-funded W-MTI project took place at Elektron zaal of the EWI building in TU Delft. Project’s research program has been discussed with partners from TNO, Thales, CHL and Metasensing.
  • April 23 – the progress meeting of the SHINE project took place at the Art Centre, Delft. Venkat Roy, our PhD student, presented his progress report and vision for possible collaboration with other PhD students and researchers, which are working in the framework of this interdisciplinary project.
  • April 18 - Nikita Petrov started his PhD studentship in the framework of the STW W-MTI projects. Welcome and success!
  • April 16 – Dr. Galina Babur, Pascal Aubry and Professor Francois Le Chevalier receivedthe best paper award of the IET International Radar Conference 2013 in Xi’an, China for the paper “Space-Time Codes for Antenna Systems: Comparative Performance Analysis”. Congratulations!
  • April 16 – Dr. Jos de Laat and Dr. Reinout Boers, the scientists from KNMI, visited the PARSAX radar laboratory in the framework of the “KNMI @ Faculteit EWI TUDelft” meeting and discussed possible topics for future collaboration between our research groups. The meeting’s program and presentations can be found on the DIRECT website
  • April 14 - Prof. DSc. Alexander B. Samokhin, visiting scholar from the Moscow State Institute of Radio Engineering, Electronics and Automatics, started collaborative research with the MS3 section
  • April 10- Our PhD student Teun de Groot had a succesfull presentation about the STARS project at Sense of Contact. Here you can see the presentations, here you can see the available posters.

  • April 5Inna Ivashko, our PhD student successfully passed Go-Not-Go evaluation and continues her research of distributed radar systems. Congratulations!
  • March 15 – Dr. Dario Petri started his postdoctoral research in the framework of the FP-7 SOS project.
  • February 21 – farewell party for Angela de Gier, our section’s secretary for last months. On 1st March 2013 Angela will start new job at Faculty for Aerospace at the department for Student- and Educational Affairs. Thank you and success!
  • February 15 - Minke van der Put, our new secretary, started her job within the MS3 section. Welcome and success!
  • February 6 - PhD thesis "Cooperative Wideband OFDM Communication " by Hao Lu has been defended successfully. Our congratulations, Dr. Hao Lu! - read more...
  • February 1 - Francesco Belfiori started his research as Post-Doc in the framework of the FP-7 UFO and STW W-MTI projects. Welcome and success! In according to the STW rules this is the official starting day for the W-MTI project.
  • January 24 – annual progress meeting of the STARS project took place in University of Twente. Five posters of our colleagues were presented at the meeting’s poster session.
  • January 15 – the PARSAX radar laboratory has been visited by delegates from the US Army International Technology Center – Atlantic, which promotes cooperation between the US Army Research Development & Engineering Command (RDECOM) and international researchers.
  • January 2 - Albert Oude Nijhuis started his research as PhD student in the framework of the FP-7 UFO project. Welcome and success!
  • January 1 - Happy New 2013 Year!