The Microwave Sensing, Signals and Systems (MS3) group educates students and performs theoretical and experimental research on fundamental and applied aspects of microwave systems for surveillance and remote sensing. Using electromagnetics as the foundation, the group focuses its research on sensing waveforms and signal processing, antenna systems with near- and far-field focusing capabilities and radar resource management. Applications include area surveillance for safety and security applications, weather radar, ground-penetrating radar, automotive and traffic control applications and medical imaging.


The group includes the Radar Labs which consist of multi-sensor facilities on the roof of the EEMCS building, most importantly the fully reconfigurable polarimetric wideband radars PARSAX and MESEWI, the located at Cabauw radar facilities TARA and IDRA, and the antenna measurement chamber DUCAT. The labs include also a distributed radar system for the surveillance of the lower airspace (RAEBELL), a millimetre-wave and UWB indoor laboratory, a multichannel transmission MIMO Radar, and a ground penetrating radar measurement site. This infrastructure is leading in Europe.


The MS3 group is involved in the following tracks in the MSc program on Electrical Engineering:

MSc Wireless Communication and Sensing, MSc Signals and Systems.

Our videos:

High-resolution radar imaging algorithm in real driving scenarios

Novel polarimetric phased array weather radar

Welcome to the new academic year!

PARSAX radar measures the drone at the distance of 8 km

Installation of the new antenna system for the MESEWI radar

New processing of test drive data for 77GHz automotive radar Dolphin

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