EE4C05 Electromagnetics

The course provides a general and basic introduction to the fundaments of the E.M. field theory that forms the basis of Electrical Engineering.

Course Contents

Part 1 (4 EC)

  1. Fundamentals of E.M. (1 EC, Andrea Neto)
    • Maxwell Equations Constitutive relations (2 hours)
    • Poynting Theorem Time/Freq. (2 hours)
    • Boundary Conditions (2 hours)
    • Leontovich Approximation of Losses in the High Frequency limit (2 hours)
  2. Low Frequency Electromagnetics (1 EC, Bram Ferreira)
    • Magnetic fields (2 hours)
    • Dynamic and quasistatic fields. (4 hours)
    • Exercises (2 hours)
  3. Transmission lines (1 EC, Alexander Yarovoy)
    • Transmission lines-Smith Chart+S param (2-hours)
    • Losses In coaxial cables-twin lines (2 hours)
    • Waveguide (with losses ) (2 hours)
    • Exercises (2 hours)
  4. Radiation Mechanisms (1 EC, Andrea Neto)
    • Free Space Greenís Function (2 hours)
    • Far Field + Image Theorem (2 hours)
    • Elementary dipole in Transmission and Reception (2 hours)
    • Exercises (2 hours)

PART 2: Assignment (1 EC)

Choose an assignment related to your specialization.

Study Goals

After the course the student will be able to:
  • Visualize the relationship between the scalar quantities used in Electrical Engineering, voltages and currents, and the corresponding vector field quantities, electric and magnetic fields.
  • Qualitatively understand the properties of the lumped component circuit elements models which are valid at low frequency, based on their intuitive visualization of quasi static E.M. quasi static fields.
  • Understand the fundamental mechanisms associated to losses in modern circuit designs: eddy currents, skin effect, mismatch and radiation
  • Quantify the properties, propagation constants and characteristic impedances, of circuits which depend on their length in terms of the investigated wavelength.
  • Qualitatively understand the radiation properties of circuits, and the mutual coupling between antennas or circuits


prof.dr. Andrea Neto

Applied electromagnetics, THz broadband imaging systems, antennas

prof.dr. Alexander Yarovoy

microwave systems, radar

J.A. Ferreira

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Credits: 5 EC
Period: 6/0/0/0
Contact: Andrea Neto