Where are they now? Guigeng Su.

My name is Guigeng Su, the new Master of TU Delft. My memory of days in TU Delft is fresh and vivid. In Mid-August of 2017, I came to Delft to pursue my postgraduate studies from China and started a new journey in my life. During the first several weeks, faculties from different tracks came and introduce themselves to we freshman and told us what it is about their researches and what our life in campus will be with different directions of study. After lots of visits into laboratories and offices, including the super big radar on the roof of the EEMCS building, and some study experiences of courses in the first Quarter, I chose to dedicate my full time in the rest of master life into study the Telecommunications and Sensing Systems (TSS) track in Electrical Engineering Department. The beautiful theories behind radar system and various applications of those sensing system is appealing to me, which leads me to join in the Microwave Sensing, Signals and Systems (MS3) group for sensing systems. Meanwhile, there are a great deal of opportunities for everyone who is interesting in radar system to get some practical experience in MS3 group while you can really immerse yourself in the ocean of state-of-the-art talking and be one of them. That’s really fascinating.

It is unforgettable during the whole journey in Delft. At the beginning, the various ways of thinking and many kinds of accents based on culture differences is really challenging for everyone to get accustomed. Another difficulty to get over is academic thinking in a different way. Although it was quite demanding, I loved the interesting things I was doing, the wonderful people around me, and enjoyed the state of being growing up every day. The second stage is most about academic learning and researches. After some studies for almost every course, practical problems were put forward, encouraging you to think more and solving by neither yourself or with your teammates usually from different countries. All these will give you a better understanding and even some inspiration about your knowledge system. In spite of all the difficulties encountered, life is not bad and worth looking forward to. All kinds of facilities will provide a platform for to you to have a try in realties rather than always stay at the papers. People in MS3 group is really kind and knowledgeable, who are there and willing to help you if you get some problems. Here, I would like to express my gratitude to prof.dr. Alexander Yarovoy, dr. Nikita Petrov, dr. Hans Driessen, dr. Jianping Wang, dr. Oleg Krasnov and ir. Pascal Aubry explicitly, and other colleagues for their kindness, encouragements and supports. In particular, I want to thank prof.dr. Alexander Yarovoy for his care and help when I felt unwell. With all these precious experiences in MS3 group, I chose to work in radar technology company after graduation, which is ambitious to popularize radar technology and provide this wonderful sensor with automatic driving, smart building and traffic control.

The life in Delft is in peace and comfort except for the intense study. With friends coming from various countries, every day is new and different, telling you that do not confine yourself in what you have seen and sensed so far, there are more for you to know, to feel. It is really impressive for the life in Delft, as well as the unpredictable weather with inevitable rain and wind.

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