dr. Shilong Sun

PhD student
Microwave Sensing, Signals and Systems (MS3), Department of Microelectronics

PhD thesis (Mar 2018): Qualitative and Quantitative Imaging in Electromagnetic Inverse Scattering Theory
Promotor: Alexander Yarovoy

Themes: Radar for Remote Sensing and Targets Characterization, Radar technology


Shilong Sun received his B.S., and M.S. degrees in information and communication engineering from the National University of Defense Technology, Changsha, China, in 2011, and 2013, respectively. He is currently a PhD student in the group of Microwave Sensing, Signals and Systems (MS 3), Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands. His research interest is electromagnetic scattering imaging.


  1. Shilong Sun, Guofu Zhu, and Tian Jin. "Novel Methods to Accelerate CS Radar Imaging by NUFFT", IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing, vol. 53, no. 1, 2015.


    Last updated: 26 Dec 2018

Shilong Sun