MSc TC Thesis Presentation

Erkut Yiğit

Master thesis defence

Ahmed, Sheeraz

Multi-Channel Waveform Agile Radar: Experimental performance evaluation of Advanced Space-Time Adaptive Processing (ASTAP) radar system

Master thesis defence

Min DIng

Model-based Interference Mitigation for FMCW Radar System

Master thesis defence

Prithvi Laguduvan Thyagarajan

STEREOID data processor: Design and Performance analysis

Master thesis defence

Nick Cancrinus

Multiple-input Multiple-output Grating Lobe Selection Scheme for Radar Applications

Master thesis defence

Guigeng Su

Detection of vital signs of auto driver and passengers using (distributed) radars inside auto

Master thesis defence

Jiadi Zhang

Super-resolution Algorithm for Target Localization using Multiple FMCW Automotive Radars

Master thesis defence

Vasileios Papanastasiuo

Deep Learning-based identification of human gait by radar micro-Doppler measurements

Master thesis defence

Vizcarro, Marc

A X-Band Patch Antenna Array with Low Cross-pol for Weather Radar Applications

Master thesis defence

Nagesh, Saravanan

“Robust Feature Extraction Algorithm for analysis of Radar Targets using Multi-Object Tracking on Range Doppler Space”

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